Outhouz, Inc. is a North American MEGAsmall corporation with a knack for spewing creativity, on and off the privy. The company currently specializes in the development of video games based around the premise of making you smile.

Joy-Toilet.com is a niche humor website and blog dedicated to collecting a variety of both random and easily digestible content for your (mental) health and entertainment.  This website is actually run and maintained by a group of  computer-literate goblins who front as actual human beings. This is their story:

The Family


JBurns – Game Designer

JBurns is a pensive man.  Never without a spare thought or lighter when you need it.   An original toileteer, on a normal day you can find him at the corner store buying wafer cookies.

En.Joy JBurns.



Iris – Lifestyle Blogger

Iris is a word-slinging, snake wrestlin’ sucker for puppies. And we’re pretty sure the snake tattoo on her foot is wanted for devouring something.

En.Joy Iris. Twitter: @irislejoy




Doop – Programmer

Doop reads binary better than Java.  He has also worked with various game development teams under various titles but is proud to be the janitor on the eternal nightshift at our remote island HQ.

En.Joy Doop. Twitter: @dooplejoy




Soup – Product Manager

Soup makes beef stew look unmanly.  Ask this man for a cup of coffee, he’ll take you to a geyser just to get the water.  Want to ask this man for a sno-cone? Not unless you want to climb the highest, coldest mountain to get it.

En.Joy Soup. Twitter: @puos_SOUP_puos


The Friends

Anh Hoang – Pixel Artist

Alfredo Torres – Artist/Illustrator

Cameron Jones – Pixel Artist

DariaPurrPurr – Camgirl

David Straange – Musician

Jay Knox – Pixel Artist

Joshua Gossage – Pixel artist

J.Ville – Musician

KidBrainer – Artist/Illustrator

Loudkingdom – Creative Collective

Roger B. Martinez – Artist/Illustrator

Triple X Tycoon – “Spanky’s Maximum” Cast and Crew

Produced by Phillip Russell, Soup and Doop

Director of Photography/Executive Producer: Charlie DesJardin

Executive Producer Michael Mercadante




Peter Coleman as Larry (The Director)

Jon Moret as Spanky Maximum (Male Porn Star)

Melissa Dotterman as Susie Smalls (Female Porn Star)

Phillip Russell as Derek (The Goblin)

Rich Vience as Mike (The Bouncer)

Tom Capps as Tom (The Sound Guy)

Ian-Joseph Benhardt as Jerome (The Camera Operator)

Assistant Director: Kevin Etherson

Script Supervisor: Kristen Morrison

1st AC: Ian – Joseph Benhardt

2nd AC: Reid Ranalli

2nd AC: Jon Moret

Gaffer: Dom Bozzi

Key Grip: Kyle Narciso-Peres

Sound Recordist: Sam Blochle

Makeup: Michael Mercadante and Alex Perfall

Grip/Electric/Key PA/God among Men: Dylan Cook

Editor/Colorist: Phillip Russell

Visual Effects: Michael Mercadante and Phillip Russell

Voice-over Director: Michel Mercadante

Special Thanks: Iris, Emily DeBlasi, Kristen Butler, Cat Sully, Christian Rush, The cast and crew for staying late, bacon

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