Ever converse with the elderly to the extent of them eventually mentioning going to the store?  Nowhere in particular, but for the sake of argument let’s use Radioshack (RIP).  Ideally they might say “I’m going down to the Radioshack” or in another case “the” Walgreen.  A work buddy of mine recently launched an experiment, one he likes to call “The Experiment” in which his goal is to place the word “the” at the beginning of everything.

As annoying as that sounds, I barely notice it.  We put “the” in front of a lot of things.  I’m on the computer, right?  And then I thought, maybe that’s how it starts.  And considering personal/micro computers aren’t that old I can see it now.  In 50 years, when all the kids are in their holodecks or whatever-the-hell else there will still be those old men and women, grandparents and parents alike still saying, “I don’t know what they do on the computer nowadays but they spend more time on it than I ever did.”

Some things never change

Some things never change

I mean look at how everyone over the age of 65 treats cell phones.  Their faces say “This is a little fucking weird but useful”. Maybe they call Facebook “the” Facebook.  If you’re in your 20s with a significantly younger sibling or family member whom you actually get along with, you probably scoff when they say they’re bored.  As if handheld Netflix, backlit screens and wifi isn’t a low enough barrier of entry to the world of entertainment, literally at their fingertips.  We just had to go the fuck outside.

- Doop

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