About a week after Triple X Tycoon’s OffBeatr campaign I decided I wanted to detach a bit from the whole thing.  There was nothing left for me to do after all, the code was done.  But there wasn’t much left to show for the game with no one assigned to art. So as usual, my destination was a no-brainer. I weathered the freezing temperatures and delayed trains until I hopped on the last train heading up toward (but not quite what could be considered) upstate New York.


Close enough though, right? Well I spent some time with Iris before heading out in JBurns’ direction which is when my memory starts to get a little fuzzy, for good reason.   By this point in my trip it’s usually a weekday which means it’s time for me to get back to work in one way or another.  Of course he understands this and so we proceeded to hold a meeting for which the hot topic was the company’s direction.  I should mention that these meetings consist of profanity and herb usage.  We’re spirited individuals. Oh and the meeting was held in a discreet and sketchy stairwell since we don’t have time be scheduling things.  And the hood is safer when you’re..

Although the majority of this meeting was us discussing the viability of prostitutes (but that’s a different story) there was a conclusion.  Like these things so often go afterward, there were proposals to be written,  assets to assess and of course, money to spend.  Fast-forward, we’ve overhauled the whole damn site so it can serve it’s original purpose.  And we have decided to continue developing TXT although at our pace.  As of now the new internal development team consists of myself and a contractor.  For those who supported the project prior to all of this, thank you so much.

As for the blog we will continue to update this as sporadically as we have been.  The Triple X Tycoon website is temporarily down and also going through some revision. If you signed up for the newsletter, don’t worry you’ll still get your free copy of Triple X Tycoon. If you forgot to sign up for that when it was hot, here’s your chance.  Yes, there’s a catch ->  queue the Liam Neeson voice:

Offer expires on February 26th, 2015

- Doop

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