I took a little break off from the feverishly blissful hell of programming Triple X Tycoon and spent last weekend with Iris.  Together, we marveled at the innocence of 90s “kids” TV shows while gorging on Cocaine Cola and Tostitos.  We also realized that Netflix tends to lack everything you want while simultaneously happening to have enough of what you need. And that’s so fuckin’ American.

After a little bit of browsing we settled on watching an episode of Animorphs and holy shitty that was.  She’s not much into alien aesthetic but I can’t imagine anyone would be into anything that was going on in the first episode of that show.  But a particular shot filled with full on bad 3D did remind me of why I wanted to make games in the first place. That freedom to be cheesy (like the dip we had..see what I did there) was what drew me to make games in the first place. Too bad that  nowadays it’s all paywalls and fuck you’s. Ah well.

(Damn, I bet this thing makes cheesy dip that’s out of this world)

- Doop

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