Well it’s May. I realized, while checking out stats today that people still read these damned blogs. So, I thought I’d come write another. In this post we will chronicle the hasty demise of Triple X Tycoon and Joy-Toilet Collectives.


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At this point I think this is my fifth attempt this month to publish an update regarding the status of this project. And then I realized, I should just do what I set out to do in the first place. Initially, I was going to edit a recent internal email and post it here. Instead, here’s a brief overview of what’s occurred since the very first line of code.


October 2014

- Aha!
- Triple X Tycoon begins pre-production!
- XX Engine shapes up, programmer art becomes screenshots (yuck).
- Triple X Tycoon is announced!
- Shit is going so well, a release date is set.
- The search begins for real art.


- Recruit artists
- “Joy-Toilet Collectives” comes to fruition as a small dedicated team is slowly assembled around the project.
- R & D!! (I know what you’re thinking, no)
- Game gets way sexier (graphically, you so dirty..)


- Our stage/level artist is found!
- Triple X Tycoon gets delayed as the game engine and graphics receive an overhaul.
- Joy-Toilet seeks publishing partner (which went surprisingly well despite no deal).


- New development timeline is optimistic.
- Begin outsourcing additional art.
- In talks with adult performers.
- Triple X Tycoon launches crowdfunding campaign!


- campaign, falls short (~30%).
- Release date set to TBA. (sadface)
- Extreme burnout after Lots of late nights coding.
- Searching for ways to condense the concept.
- The empty coffers are extra empty.


- The blazing fast pace slows to a crawl due to lack of funds.
- Deathgrind to release a demo.
- Triple X Tycoon’s primary artist leaves project.

It seems a lot more morbid than it actually is. I’ll say off the bat that the damn game in all its incomplete glory is still on my hard drive and is not cancelled. Particularly, we lost the team built to assist the project, not the whole company. Shit happens. I personally hate wasting time so if something is going to fail, I’d rather it happen quickly. The crowdfunding campaign fizzled out after it had a great start but the Internet is unpredictable like that. And we’re not in the business of telling lies for a dollar.

That said, Triple X Tycoon development has fallen into deprivation. Art is hella expensive to get done right and we never could afford much of it. Typically we don’t develop anything at a loss, even now we have a completely usable game engine which is worth the 4 month active development span alone.

If I had to do anything over it would be to keep pursuing the publishers. To this day there is still one deal in our back pocket that only means something if we “ship it”. We get no money toward development, with none guaranteed after. It’s all on us to just, “do a good job”. Those are the terms, but terms are unrealistic. In reality I’d be stupid to give up on or even pursue the idea before I got the real verdict, from you all. Is it worth it? Would you play it?

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