Spring is a month away(ish)! This time of year is symbolic for us because it was around this time that we first saw the sparkle that would become our current game engine through the experimental release of First Paradise. Shit, I remember that last line of code that formed a coherent game. Iris was asleep or half-asleep not far from where I was sitting. I recall telling her later that it was done, and that was it for awhile.  I didn’t know what else to think or say. It wasn’t a huge game, but it was a culmination of time and ideas put forth by everyone involved at the time. Many, many late nights!

That was about two years ago, I spoke to JBurns today and we can’t believe we’re still doing this whole thing. There are those who were involved in a minor capacity then who have become huge parts of our current endeavor. The project now is a LOT bigger and way different from anything we thought we’d end up working on, and that’s exciting! We hope you think it is too.

So we’ve been way more quiet than we’d prefer to be lately, but that’s because there’s just so damn much to say with little to see at the moment. We’re working to remedy this as soon as the first week of March, expect to see Devplay #3. In most cases we have features that we’re keeping under wraps for obvious reasons, on the other hand the grind is very real and hype won’t get this game done any faster. It’s 6am, once this blog is done I’m going to keep coding.

Regardless, this is all not to say we don’t have any news! You might be wondering what the hell is up with that groovy ass alt cover. Introducing Triple X Tycoon: A Love Story, a free planned expansion to be released alongside Triple X Tycoon vanilla. The expansion will introduce additional characters with an emphasis on storytelling, whereas the vanilla build will focus on non-linear gameplay.

In other news, the character trait system is getting an overhaul, tonight. This typically happens if we have features lurking that were byproducts of the previous game spec. The initial idea was to keep the traits as close to, say, what you’d see on an adult agency website now. But these can be a little abstract at times, things like B/B, T/G/ B/G etc are being condensed and replaced with things that have an immediate effect on performance. Like having strong kegels.


- Doop

NOTE: After glancing over some of the submissions for positions (see vlog #2 above), The team here at joy-toilet realized (enthusiastically) that all of you  really get what we’re trying to do with Triple X Tycoon.

Long story short, We’re considering a contest for all of our studs and starlets to make the best, funniest, and most creative positions. Prizes and voting have yet to be opened our decided, although if you haven’t submitted a position and you are a top tier backer we encourage you do so as to not miss out!

Good luck, and thanks!

- Joy-Toilet Team


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