A couple weeks ago I posted a new Dev-vlog and realized, after the fact, that we made the game look even more different from the last iteration than we realized!

Shit, I thought, we basically made a sequel. And to think we considered v0.8 a vast improvement back in January.  Granted, if you had seen screenshots from the first-ish version, you’ll understand why.

(v 0.4 – November 2014)


v 2.2 (November 2015)

Screenshot from 2015-12-09 15:05:42

Anyway, last night was a triumph.  The engine, which fell into a state of constant instability since October, didn’t fall apart during testing last night. Which means I get to move into the last leg of tweaks and implementation, among those being the game’s obvious sexual mechanics.  A sheet of code is like a crochet blanket, according to Iris, I think she’s right.  Every single thread was put into place by someone who couldn’t possibly be paying more attention.  I compared crippling bugs to finding a circle among all the other rows and columns in a square blanket.

This month, I’m sending out an email to our top-tier backers about the custom sex positions they ordered. If you want in on that, there are 16 slots as of this writing, we’re only doing 40! That’s in addition to what we’re already planning to have.


All the performers come with traits that range from pale microphallus to special endowments, maybe your star guy was born with a tentacle for a dick. Maybe your starlet has snakes for hair, it happens.


Instead of having you dictate the entirety of the shoot down to the stroke with the click of a few buttons, we opted to have the talent act on their own interests with the player’s job being to turn the heat up or down during particular parts.   This makes for some good organic luvin’.

In other news, considering that the last milestone fell well behind schedule due to some increase in scope in both the overall design and engine capabilities we will be extending the game’s development into 2016.

 To our backers, we definitely  couldn’t be doing this without your support from the jump.  We like to show you the improvements your contributions have already brought about.  We read the comments, emails and messages, we know what people are saying. So we know that the game just isn’t up to the overall expectation yet! But I promise it’s  getting there.

It’s crazy, A year ago we were making a plain and simple adult industry sim. I mean a – fully digitized, thoroughly researched history from then to now – simulation game that just happened to be about porn. But then we added goblins and people liked that better. It showed across the board, we thought it was hysterical and went well with the game’s humor too. So now we’re adding tentacles, we even have a future expansion planned for the hentai enthusiasts out there.

We have outdoor scenes and even multiplayer down the line! It’ll be a party, if we had stuck to our December release date it would have been a shame. Our backers funded our bizarre imaginations, sex is everywhere, it’s common. What we want to do is explore what isn’t!

One more thing, finance report! To date we’ve spent a lil bit over $2000USD so far on the game since last year. About 94% of that has gone to our art contractors.  And we’re not even pinching pennies.

Wanna rant, have a suggestion? Wanna say “fuck you”?

Visit our forum, even though it looks tacky right now.  Something happened to the html/php, I’ll get to that, too busy programming Triple X Tycoon!

Alternatively there’s a Reddit that wasn’t made by us, go forth and multiply (the posts there).


- Doop