Well, here we are. Triple X Tycoon, apparently THE most controversial business strategy game ever conceived. Although certainly not the most controversial game ever. We like to think the sex is just a bonus since at this point there are seemingly thousands of ideas and scenarios we want to throw at the player which makes development a truly chaotic venture where anything can and will happen.

As you could imagine, the Joy-Toilet team has done much research into the genre as well as brushing up on our knowledge of business strategy and ethics. We have looked into some of the best games, articles, movies and books – some of which are famous – like Sun Tsu’s The Art of War. As well as others not so popularized, like Banking; An Introduction by Prof. Dr AP Faure.


Whoever HE is.

‘hello, I’m Dr.Professor Banker’

But in all seriousness, our focus is on building a solid game which is fun to play and simple to use. Any strategic mastery we learned from Sun Tzu and the technical know-how from Dr.Professor Banker will be in the background. Hidden within every deal you make, within the matrix that created the very toes you might decide to stomp on. As a result, you as the player will have an immersive and interactive experience that can carry you through ever-changing circumstances and challenges at every turn.

These choices could either send you sprawling out into the gutter, forcing you to beg your old contacts for a favor. Or they could build you a kingdom of riches full of whatever exotic fantasy you might be into.

Doop and I constantly meet and discuss possibilities for the game, such as new ideas which bring atmospheric changes to how it plays, and any and every way that we could advance the enjoyment for the player. One of these ideas includes a “favor system” which allows interaction between the characters and the player making you feel like you truly are a business owner among business owners.

Sometimes characters may ask you for a favor, which will make them owe you one. At other times you may ask them for a favor, like information on an exact location. Maybe it’s borrowing costumes or maybe it’s getting protection from a security company that Hurvey’s great-great aunt created.  You probably won’t notice it until you need it.


Twice Removed

(Twice Removed)

The power of a well placed favor could be the key that your business needs to break out of the neighborhood, and into the national stage. Its power knows almost no bounds but be careful, you don’t want to owe too many people! How you decide to play really will make your business unique to your own play style.
Another plan we have for the game which takes it away from your more traditional business strategy game is that when the company is broke and bankrupt – The game will not be over. As I said earlier, the power of a favor can take you far. You never know what will happen in Triple X Tycoon. Even if you’re laying in the gutter with nothing but the clothes on your back, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be staying there for long!

We’re positive people and we believe games should reflect life, and life does not end if you have no money or no assets. In turn we feel that neither should our game. But anyway, there’s a saying that goes:

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

In Triple X Tycoon, occasionally, your business will be audited. It’s just going to happen – and I truly feel for the sorry for the sap that will walk into your studio and need to account for every piece of equipment, costume, toy, employee or “hired help” that you place in front of the cameras during your recordings. But be careful! If he starts sticking his nose into the underbelly of the industry it will be up to you to pluck him back out. But that’s all I’ll say about that. You’ll see.

And regarding death, let’s just say that just because this is a strategy game involving building a business doesn’t mean you might not find yourself six feet under if you cross the wrong person.

These are just a small handful of the many features we have discussed in detail for the game that will bring in new elements of gameplay. All of which will hopefully give Triple X Tycoon something fresh to bring to the genre, and more importantly an air of excitement for the player as they set out on becoming an industry tycoon. These, among the various other surprises we have in store, makes me personally feel beyond excited about the grand opportunity for me and the team to be able to share with you the ability to bring this game into realization as the goblins in our basement continue to clean up the code in whatever way they can…


Works wonders

It really makes that code sparkle˙


Which brings me to the business side of things.

As you may (or may not) know we have recently added Triple X Tycoon to Steam Greenlight™. As many of you do know, Steam has a very, very ridged policy against allowing games of a sexual nature to be featured there. As a result of this, I feel compelled to inform those concerned about Steam’s policy that we have received a message from the Gods (so to speak) that they are open to the idea of hosting Triple X Tycoon on their store. But that’s about all I can say about that topic wink, wink.

Otherwise production of the game is going swimmingly and every day we’re getting more and more features and functionality into the game! If you haven’t voted for us on Greenlight yet, do us a favor?

Remember, your vote counts. Literally, every. vote. counts.

- Soup

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