3:00 PM – Port Pleasant Central

HoboGuyRev2It was too damn hot to take the bus, thought Shabaz.  The stench on those alone was very much unpleasant to put it lightly.  Much worse than himself and especially ripe coming off the folks around North Central.  He tapped the hilt of an old .22 inside the right front pocket of his tattered jacket before crossing the street.  He looked around for the plug but it was getting dark and this turf was not his to tread.

And then a whistle, from across the way, beside the gray, sometimes jet-black monolith in Pleasant Memorial Park.  It’s strange. He’d spent many nights on those benches peering, through it, into stars.  He discovered that looking up sometime meant you could see strange lights dance above the city too.  Like signals to an unseen superhero.

This place ain’t fuckin’ right.



It’s filled with stars!

That whistling turned out to be a girl running by, chasing her cat.  Those things were everywhere these days.  Ever since that arsonist took out the pet store down by the pier.  He couldn’t complain though.  Not since he’d discovered that cats make for great stroganoff.  You can’t compete with free.

Screenshot (188)

Still no dealer in sight but the hookers could be seen chatting around the smattering of park restrooms in preparation for the night.  Shabaz didn’t understand the appeal of the male ones, although he had a cousin..

3:10 PM – Pleasant Park

He spotted his bench and removed a small plastic bag filled with bread crumbs and old crackers from his pocket and began to sing slowly.

“Agata, Agata..”

The weather had began to stir but this didn’t usually take long no matter what the forecast was.  Shabaz adjusted before leaning back in contentment.  They’ll come.

4:30 PM – Pleasant Park


He turned and saw Hurvey, gregarious and barefoot as always.

“You still slingin’ tapes? Cuz I’m onto something new, a venture with an old friend. We’re gonna make a lot of money…”

5:15 PM – Pleasant Park

Shabaz hardly agreed with the mans tactics but the promise of new money was attractive.  And all he had to do was what he always did, move and sell product.  And this “old friend”, who the hell would come to this city from anywhere to do anything new?  The birds at his feet cooed in agreement.  And then came the entrepreneur, already rustling a few feathers.

Screenshot (194)

9PM – Pleasant Pier

The bonfire had already been lit and it was only a matter of time before the pigs showed up to shut things down.  They’d just come back though, they always did.  The beach was filthy and he could make out a homeless couple behind the wood columns attempting to use the detached handle of an umbrella as a dildo.  Maybe Hurvey was right, people just want to fuck.

Shabaz hobbled over to where the tide kissed the sand and took a seat, seemingly unwary of the exposed needles, scorched spoons and broken bottles.  He took a swig of the beer he had lifted from the 24/7 Store earlier and gazed up at the sky.  Listening to the sounds of makeshift instruments and the slurred jokes of jovial men and women behind him he thought,

this was almost pleasant.


v2.11 Patch + Updates

Well we certainly didn’t get to do what we wanted with this next release but the fact that there is a release does a lot to keep me going.  As mentioned, it’s been one hell of a ride.  It’s taken us two long years of sporadic development to push things forward and we don’t plan on stopping.  Although things could be easier.

For starters there are no full-timers on this project which wears a lot on a developer after awhile and  we’re progress-oriented.  Sometimes I still feel like we’re building a car with one tool, no garage and shackles tied to a motion-sensing bomb with a detonation timer looming.  So we’ve been working to reduce the stress.

Most of the changes made this round were under the hood as usual.  Things like making sure the engine mechanics would continue to scale no matter what we ever add.  As a systems developer it’s fun in some ways, although extremely restricting when you have to juggle time, budget and a custom graphics and text rendering system to make even the most incremental changes.  With Magic Fever these things are more or less separate although I’d love to have the time to build a stronger framework for the grand scheme.

Screenshot (184)

The plan was to release post-production mechanics alongside interactive city components and allow you to play a week to a month in-game.  Not to mention the new sex positions and an extended talent pool.  Although because of some increasingly complicated budget and time restrictions this just wasn’t going to work within what I considered to be an acceptable amount of time.

We mentioned this before but because of those concerns, the team is actively pursuing other opportunities in order ensure that the project sees completion early to mid 2017.  It’s a simple matter of not having enough consistent man(or woman)power or the ability to finance it.  After all, our initial foray into getting working capital when the game was a much smaller beast did not go well as that platform had already died by then.  This was before even Steam had as many adult-themed games as it has now.  Hell, the market in general looked very different two years ago when we started.  And the powers that be did not see an opportunity with this idea. This has changed, and our situation is very different now as well.

Our campaign on IndieGoGo was round two in our quest to find out where we’d be crossing the line.  And even then we almost did, it was unclear for awhile what would happen but we went with our gut and asked only for what would keep this going.  For that small success we truly appreciate it.  Overall we’ve spent about triple that amount with another hard calculated number still required to hit a certain date.  That said, we’d especially like to keep our backers involved in the decision-making process going forward.  So we’ve been working on some ideas for new rewards that will be given to existing backers at all tiers should we decide to explore a new avenue in financing.  Consider it an early-bird bonus.

In the meantime let us know what you think (below).  Soup is out of town with the Mac so that and the Linux port are still pending.  So is SFX and music but it’s all coming together, albeit slowly.  Reminds me of sex.

Keep spreading the love.

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