I’m currently contemplating the merits in having Laserdisc be a supported format in Triple X Tycoon.  I mostly stumbled upon this idea, which is timely considering I was just asked whether or not Betamax would be a thing as well.  So far it’s obvious that we could, but there are some other things to consider.

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I’ve mentioned before that the current iteration of Triple X Tycoon is equivalent to a sequel of the original idea.  Although now it seems we’ve found a comfortable stride in design which should enable us to have something substantial enough to release by June.  In other words, the pipe-dream erection has given way to something still fun and workable but less intense from our point of view.  So doubling down on the simulation is going to give the micro-manager style players among you a deeper sense of involvement in your business, something I can’t wait to see completed!

But anyway, the main concern we had regarding video formats was in the kinds of equipment required to film across the various types.  This is where it becomes time-consuming and expensive to consider and work in too many, but there is such a thing as enough.  I like options in strategy games and having you choose to go with more expensive equipment for the sake of better quality over shoddy equipment sounds like a logical inclusion.  These kinds of options are already available but restricted to the more popular formats in any given era.

Now keep in mind that there are also format options to consider.  So if you’re shooting with a camcorder for VHS distribution you may have the option to do things like building a box-set to sell as a collection to your hardcore base.  We’d have to include these things alongside formats like Betamax and Laserdisc which does increase development time as I have to work these things into the engine in a way that doesn’t throw off the economics.  A great fun challenge, but we’re pressed for time.  That said we are absolutely planning to expand on the game’s formats into those mentioned and will keep you posted on how we’ll be intending to do so.


I’m going to spend the week locking in the final design for the Studio screen.  Instead of drawing up something completely different I thought it would be a lot more convenient to have it be similar to the current Products screen for uniformity in terms of control.  From there you should be able to oversee things like contracts and agreements, property status and market information among other things.

Keys have coincided with minor support issues and internal changes so things are moving just a little bit more slowly than I’d prefer in terms of having had all the keys sent out last month but I’m workin on it!  Check out our Steam page if you haven’t already, hopefully as soon as things calm down a bit in general I’ll post more content in the hub there.  In the meantime stay up to date with us on Twitter where smaller updates are usually most frequent!

In the next couple of blogs I’m hoping to start sharing some information as to how your Internet could function and what that era could mean for your adult business.  With screenshots included!

- Doop

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