It’s been a while!  Most of you who are new to the blogs might not even have realized this is supposed to be a monthly thing.

It was, until shit got real.

According to the Internet we’re less than a month away from release.  Now if you’re anything like us you’re either like “damn! Really?” or sweating which, if the latter, would only mean you’re as excited as we are.

This last month has been particularly rough on the company.  But our focus on getting the game out by June is acute and there are no new features in the pipe in terms of full-time development, at least not at this point in time.  I’m going to be wrapping up implementation and moving into polishing and promotions as soon as we wrap up what’s in the pipeline for art. As always I’d like to shout out all our backers and supporters for your patience.  We’re now a 2-man project again but working hard as ever and always.  Speaking of…

Last Month

Soup was a long-term designer and creative who had been with the project since late 2014.  His eclectic knack for bizarre shit and attention to detail is all over Triple X Tycoon.  Although he will no longer be contributing to the project as a member of the team, he’ll likely be poppin’ up in a vlog or two in the future.

Development is still scheduled to come to a head sometime toward the middle of this month.  At that point, I’d like to swing my efforts back to contacting all of our backers and patrons and assigning Steam keys as due.  This will be in addition to opening more dialogue in regard to certain tier perks etc.  It’s been a bit crunchy and I’ve physically felt the repercussions of the extremely stressful 2.6+ year development in the binary trenches but I sure as hell can’t stop now.  Although I will be cutting back on overnight sprints.

We’ll have more info as to the exact nature of the release soon.  Although I can say for sure that Triple X Tycoon will be available on Steam and via our website in terms of distribution.


Networking & Localization

There are also plans to support more languages in the near future but in no particular order as of yet.  Networking features are coming and is something I’ve been quietly working on since November in Winter Solitude.  I can say that it will add interactive community features to the desktop app.  Although considering how much time I’d need to build a proper UI,  it probably won’t make it into the release version!

Anyway, Notes on Gameplay!

I sometimes get a few questions and suggestions about certain features we already plan to add but haven’t spoken much about so I want to talk about some ideas from our game design document regarding the depth of the talent system.

Talent Generation & Progression

The talent A.I in Triple X Tycoon involves quite a few moving parts that determine how well a performer is doing on their own in the industry and how your interaction with them effect your studio.

This means, it will be almost impossible to predict performer behavior throughout their careers.


The performers in Triple X Tycoon are subject to age and retirement with the maximum performer age being 50 although that is still debatable here. It is also possible that a performer might retire earlier depending on their level of fame and wealth.

Getting information on a particular performer is easiest when you have them contracted. Another thing to note is that not all performers want to be contacted again. As in real-life, not all the talent you hire is in this for the long haul. This keeps the talent pool moving however which ultimately benefits the game.

Hiring talent is typically sourced through Hurvey (word of mouth) or by finding a prostitute in the city at night and interacting with them. In the finished game, players will be able to set a criteria for Hurvey to follow when scouting for new talent. Things like focusing on agency talent more than via word-of-mouth.

Once talent is hired the player will have the option to promote them to being contract performers. The performer typically agrees because the pay is steadier. Contract term-length will vary. All newly hired performers are added to the player’s roster.

This is all interesting in context considering the way economics function in Triple X Tycoon.  For example, it will be possible for the player to build up a cult following for consistently producing many variations of the same content. The downside is that it will make it just as hard to break away from the niche you may have selected should you decide to diversify again.

Traits, Attributes and Preferences

Traits and preferences in Triple X Tycoon are developed on a matchmaking algorithm. So if you have a performer who is a lesbian female and a performer who is a gay male doing a scene together it may not go very well. It’s as simple as compatibility.

All preferences and attributes are randomly generated while traits are picked up by the character over the course of their involvement in the industry.


A talent’s fame can be found at the top left corner of their center profile. The “???” indicate that the performer is unknown. Alternatively a Stud or a Starlet will be seen to indicate that this character has a following and/or prestige in the industry. Working with characters who have followings will increase sales.

vhs thick box

Fame is accumulated over time as the NPC moves about the industry on their own accord. An unknown performer who is above a certain fame threshold will become a Star or Starlet. Reaching maximum fame earns the performer the “famous” trait that will last for the rest of their career, even after their fame drops again.

Performers gain fame by:

  • Performing with famous performers
  • Being associated with a well-received product made by an established industry vet.
  • Performing!

Performers can also lose fame by doing the opposite of these things.

So that’s a bit of a mindful but it could have been worse, I can go on.  In fact I will, next week, when I can finally open up about another in-game area we’ve been working on.  Those take a while.  In the mean time, follow us on Twitter, Join the Steam community! Ask us anything!


- Doop

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