Companies react as animals in the wild often do.  Some are slower than others, contemplative, large and lethargic.  Others may be small and nimble but mostly irrelevant to the natural rhythm.   At least at face-value.

These days running a company to scale is knowing all about who disrupted what and how you can fuck it all back up again.  Saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is nonsense when there’s that sweet promise of frozen desire.  If only you could figure out how to figure it out.  That, is the first step to problem solving and a prerequisite in programming anything.

Some time ago we announced partnering with various adult cryptocurrencies in order to develop a fun and dynamic platform that would function as a micro-exchange that would offer the owners of those coins a secure place to buy, sell and trade for adult products and services.  Unfortunately we would soon discover that integration was easier than cooperation.


Coordinating various competing alternative payment processors was easier on paper.  Things were going well prior to introducing the human aspect, which can be said of any business relationship.  Long story short, this idea couldn’t be executed on a third party basis and I was much too busy developing the bones and marrow of Triple X Tycoon to spend too time playing peacekeeper.

I remember weighing some options on a Summer day outside with Soup and we even contemplated rolling our own tech (again), which is to say create a cryptocoin from scratch, just to make things easier in terms of software control.  But between our game engine and other things I just didn’t have the mental capacity!

So when we learned of Titcoin Partners seeking out a new team to continue developing their project we reached out and eventually mutually agreed that it could be a good fit.  Now just over a year later, I’d like to welcome Titcoin and its community to our bowl of sunshine.  Ya’ll better bring a sense of humor!

Over the next month or so we’ll be working closely with the previous developers to insure a smooth transition as we work to bring Titcoin into the fold.  Ultimately our goal is to continue the work that has already begun. Our vision is to create a premium, easy to use alternative to traditional payment processing for adult companies and performers. But in the meantime, it’s a party!

Club Magenta is lit! (via Triple X Tycoon)

Also, This Week In Triple X Tycoon

I’m still in the process of polishing up some algorithms involving the economic flow of the game.  We also dialed back a lot in scope for the sake of having a release candidate ready for sometime next month but it’s been a real grind trying to juggle the various moving pieces here while pulling in my much-loathed 40 hours a week at work this week in particular.  What is a vacation?

The Next Update

Well this update makes two this month as I really felt bad about that one we missed.  It’s been one blog a month since a year or so after the game actually went under active development.  And even then I think we skipped two months figuring out how we could keep you all posted before settling on this format.  So I hope, that this has been entertaining for you.   Since for us it’s been a Joyride to Hell.  The next one will mark the end of a long process.

Thanks for your support!  If you still didn’t get your key yet, trust me, relax, I’ve got you covered.

- @Dooplejoy

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