4:00 PM – Downtown Port Pleasant


The small beige office building was hidden in the shadow of an overpass.  Being on Magic Blvd in the day time is stressful so I rolled down the window and lit my cigar.  Being careful not to ash on the ivory-leather seats of my black limo.  Damn, it’s good to be mayor.

Harry, a scruffy goblin in his 40′s, shuts the divider and I hear the doors unlock with an audible *click*.  I step out onto cracked pavement.  Downtown Port Pleasant, another used condom along the path of my long walk of shame.

“This is perfect!” I yell back at Harry, who had opened his window in hopes of letting out any smoke I had let in, out.

2:00AM – Magenta Gentlemen’s Club,  Port Pleasant Central

Every time the strobe lights flickered I felt reborn.  Each new hue washing over me like the first day I felt sunlight.  The girl on stage was younger than my wife, but danced with experience.  She has brown skin with curly brown hair dripping down her back. Sweat glistening like champagne.  We made eye contact.

I could tell she thought I was just a bag of money.  I clenched the stack in my left hand.  If I’d spend a fortune it’d be to know her name.

20 Years Earlier – Mt.Pleasant, Pleasant Heights

Small arches dotted the horizon below a sorbet sky.  Robin lay stretched across the bed, silk sheets cascading like waterfalls over her bare skin.  She lay as if listening, as if the bed could whisper dreams.  I stood up and sauntered over to the large sliding glass door to ease it shut.  The sound of shifting waves gave way to soft breaths as my thoughts dissipate into pure bliss.

Today, I lived on top of the world.


June Update


I quit my job last week to focus on getting the game over the edge and into FinishedLand.  It’s an odd thing, because I only got that job in the first place to cover game expenses.  The cycle has been more like a meat grinder, which in context sounds weird so I’ll just continue.

Despite a million other things going on, some miracle has occurred and is allowing me to use energy I didn’t even know I had.  If I didn’t go on my first vacation in years just a couple weeks ago I’d still be taking cold showers and sweating myself to sleep as the stresses of trying to Ship It had mounted to the point of complete burnout.  I couldn’t even look at a computer for days.

But anyway, our June mark slipped and we’re into Q3 of this year.  Ideally we wouldn’t have had set a hard date at all but it actually did help get some really abstract things get finalized and into the bigger picture. And we ALMOST made it. The new release date is Any Day Now.  Or, as soon as we get this double-sided page of positions off paper and into the game.  Unfortunately that ain’t free.

So, what’s happening under the hood is that we’re looking to cut some deals that will allow this to thing to manifest.  Those talks start this week.  Got a few things lined up, you’ll know what I know. This week I’ll work to make myself available as often as possible in between this and that.  I’ve got about two weeks in runway so you don’t have to worry about me dragging ass.  We can’t afford that shit.  fml.

Thanks for backing and/or supporting.

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PS: Keys are always going out!

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