“The Universe Got Jokes”

That’s a saying I’ve been using frequently lately, to describe a bout of misfortune.  Which is funny considering that same concept could be used to describe any positive turning point in life as well.

Last month we delayed our game due to some miscalculations regarding the time it would take for certain assets to reach maturity and in turn, be sent to us for implementation.  When running a business you’ll often find that you can’t always control everything.  Although a prerequisite to business is being aware enough to worry about everything.


I’ve been speaking to some of you in the Triple X Tycoon Discord room a lot lately.  In between scorching-hot walks to the library to siphon web access from their shitty routers because where I live, we have none.  But you know what they say, no Internet is better than bad wi-fi.

Well I’ve thrown out some ideas. You’ve reached out to give me even better suggestions.  And I think there’s a mutual understanding now for both what you want and what we have the capacity to do.  That said I couldn’t be more grateful for the support over the past month as things have slowly but surely gotten back on track.  So, with that said I’d like to get into what’s new, what’s next and what’s happening.

What’s New

I spent some time last week further fleshing out some shoot mechanics.  Stuff like combo timers, combo indicators (like a beating/bursting heart), manual photography and active indicators for that have take on a pretty high priority.  You’ll also now be able to specify run-time options represented in a pre-shoot menu.  I may end up adding on-set options as well but timing is tricky.

There’s also now the possibility of younger performers lying about their age as well as an improved city dialogue interface because the old one SUCKED.  Oh and the censor bar *option* is probably a thing now.  Thanks for that idea, you know who you are.  That one is for the streamers out there.


What’s Next

Just because we’re waiting on positions doesn’t mean I have to sit around with a thumb up my ass.  So the next bit on my list consists of making progression as interesting as I can with the time left.  Hell, I’m trying to make everything as interesting as I have time to make it.  You might even get to use the gun.  And then there’s the vampire.  Whether that ends up being plural depends on your sadistic ass.

Post-release I imagine I may try getting the game resolution up to par with the actual quality of the native graphics.  I’d say right now pretty much everything is at least half-quality when rendered, except the sprites and icons.  This is due to the reduction that occurs to make sure everything looks like they belong together.



As far as positions go, it’s been a mixture of being cost-effective while trying not to lose focus on the what’s absolutely necessary for the tone of the game.  You will notice how we dialed back on the broader scope but I’ve been pretty adamant about not cutting features from the core gameplay.  If anything I’ve added to that.


What’s Happening

To be honest the game was definitely supposed to come out last month.  Around the 24th to be specific but our primary artist is insanely late on what was supposed to be some routine shit.  Needless to say I’m pissed about it but as of today we’re at about 12/20 base positions minus their variations (which actually puts it at about 12/40, don’t get me started).

Once I get everything in I’ll pick up the slack on the ruined guidelines in order to get the ball back in our court.  Every sprite is supposed to be drawn at 64 x 64 but lately I’ve had to change that to accommodate the new art.  Major fuckin’ pain in my ass.

Next Week

In a week I’m hoping to announce a new release date since the longer we wait the longer the company is in debt and the closer we are to the shitter.  Which would be ironic provided our name is, well.  There’s also looking to be enough content lined up for a gameplay trailer within the same time frame.

Backers, again, the game ain’t going to see the light of day until you all get your keys.  I’ve just been busy trying to right the ship but I will get to each of you.  Shouts out to the folks who reached out to get theirs early, we’re always open to that sort of thing as well but I got you regardless! Also, this is two years worth of blogs.  And these started after we began development. Hooray.

As always, spread the love.


- @DoopLeJoy

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