Happy October!

I hope you pumpkin-spice fanatics are gettin’ your fixes. Fattening up before Winter comes and forces you into an early hibernation.  That is unless where you live there is no Winter.  In which case, keep calm and carry on.  But for the rest of us, it’s like that scene in The Day After Tomorrow.

Anyway, this devblog is going to be a little different for a few reasons.  And I kept saying to folks how I didn’t even know how I would approach this one. Way before it became as pressing for me to put one out.  Which is mostly because I feel like I’ve covered a good bit over the past few years.  But also because making this game has been so exhausting, that I’ve barely had the energy to write anything. Let alone keep my head off the damn keyboard.

There’s been some major changes to the release schedule over the past couple of months. Back in July we hit a major bottleneck as my primary art contractor went MIA.  That unfortunately has caused a temporary but significant rollback in some features to accommodate for still-missing assets and other internal issues including but not limited to my own health.

I didn’t realize how ridiculous that last bit got until I had to code through getting my hand chewed up by the grill of an attacking Range Rover last week.  People still think I should have sued that guy!

In other words, it’s not you, it’s me.

So I’ll be switching up the pacing a bit and focusing on what you all want to see implemented and improved over the next three months or so as I work to stabilize things on this end.  The issues mentioned above have basically required me to redesign the game but I don’t mean to say it’s delayed again! I’m actually going to be releasing the latest build with initial support for Windows and Linux.  For the when and how, keep reading!


And instead of risking getting tied up in another mess with a contractor I’m looking into moving the Mac situation in-house as well.  Which also does requires an actual Mac to develop on so that’s being sorted out.   Thanks for your patience on that one.  For what it’s worth, half the people associated with the game have a Mac so I get to hear about it all the time.

As mentioned on Steam last month, there was an opportunity to swap direct keys for Steam keys over the course of September. Although this is no longer the case, IndieGoGo backers and Patrons will be receiving both this week as the game will be immediately available via the website today.  Whereas there’s some additional overhead when dealing with Steamworks and waiting isn’t exactly an option right now.  But it’s coming!  I’m going to run the key list in the opposite direction and hopefully spend the better part of  today sending out what’s left.

For strictly-Steam users I can say that the game has already been submitted to be released on Early Access with constant updates over about 3 months with over 12 minor patches and at least three major patches planned over that same period.   The current release build is essentially a rollback to a vanilla version of the game minus a lot of the linear aspects that me and a few other core members of JT spent years building up!


On the other hand, much of what has simply been turned off will be turned back on as the game play is continuously being balanced and integrated with the new broader, less-linear mechanics. And as we get the company out of the hell fire, those old mechanics will be brought back into play as well.

Anyway I should get back to it.  This code ain’t gonna write itself.  Those keys won’t send themselves.  Big thanks to the folks who have stuck it out so far! I’ll be switching to an even shorter update format as early as next week provided we can get cleared by Valve by tomorrow or early next week.  There will also be more visual/video updates so I can show more, not tell.  You’ll know what I know!

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