Dee Frost

“This is where we dump the bodies!”

I shouted, my voice evaporating under the baseline of deep house music reverberating from inside the rusty bay doors of Club LSZ.

The girl standing in front of me didn’t seem impressed. Though I tried to laugh it off, she just stared.  Her hair varied in color, in tune with the strobe lights bleeding out from a dirty warehouse window.  Her pale skin flecked with illuminated grit, projected onto from the other side of the dirty pane.

Leaning against the dark green dumpster behind me I stuffed my spare key back into a quarter-sized plastic baggie.  Fumbling under the shadow of my face for a fresh scoop of confidence.  Shielding the dull powder from blowing away into a vague oceanside breeze, I offered her the bump instead.



“Ayo! Frosty!”, shouted a voice from around the corner behind her. It was Hurvey.

Walking with a much older woman in tow and stumbling in tall red heels.  His words slowed as he reached into his pocket for a lighter.

The lady, a blonde woman with skin like leather who introduced herself as Hadley, had to help him light the flimsy cigarette dangling from his lips.  Two flicks later her neon nail broke in the process.  She cursed, and had began digging through her bag for a filer when two police cars came screaming around the tight bend leading into the streets of Port Pleasant. Lights flashing with high-beams trained on the open doors of the club.

“Oh baby! It ain’t hot without The Boys showing up to cool the place!” he shouted through a laugh, his cigarette falling onto the wet pavement.

I shoved the baggie into the girls hand and ducked around the side of the dumpster and turned a corner. She yelled something I couldn’t hear outside of my feet pounding down the backside of the club and up over the fence at the far end.

Various groups of scantily-dressed teens and adults alike scattering into the many cars around me. Some driving off leaving dark streaks behind them.

I started down the sidewalk on foot.  Taking my damp hat off, running a hand through my hair. Wondering if I’d still get paid for the turnout.

November – December Update

If you’re American, I hope you’ve been enjoying our annual holiday gauntlet.  If you aren’t, come save me.

I spent most of my time over the past month and a half developing the network component of the broad engine alongside building better packaging for Linux builds.

At the moment this is all still being tested elsewhere.  But things are looking very good.  With the only exception being network integration predicted to be a problem in the Windows build of Triple X Tycoon. Due to the fucking text auto-formatter being completely broken in that environment despite no changes to the broader codebase and no noticeable differences in the implementation of SDL otherwise.

This issue bottlenecks the entire build process as I have to re-implement Linux fixes in a separate source file. Every. Single. Patch. Manually.

Going forward I’ll be patching from Windows, working my way backwards to Linux.

About v2.5c

The latest patch is expected to be semi-major with the remainder of the changes being pushed into v2.6.  It will include a new straight position which is only just being smoothed out in terms of animation (below), an enhanced censor (for The Powers That Be) and a few general fixes and tweaks to performance.


Linux users, I’ll be switching from tarballs to .DEB installers to make your lives easier.  At least I think it will.  But if you think that’s a bad idea, shoot me an email and we’ll talk about it.  If enough people do so, I’ll definitely reconsider.

On Windows I think the biggest issue right now is the full-screen bug.  The black-border isn’t the most common problem but it’s definitely a priority.  There’s also the issue of DP balancing. Which was a very late addition to the game to begin with. And is also high priority alongside an even harder censor for Steam.  Maybe that’ll be my last act for this year.  If I can drag my corpse into 2018 at all.

Right now the biggest blocker is in the game not resetting properly after the first shoot in some of my play throughs. This didn’t start happening until after I implemented the latest patches. I’ll be looking to get that sorted out tomorrow. With any luck it’s just the dev-hacks I have in place.

As always thanks for reading.  Sorry about the general delay, there’s a HUGE support bottleneck and things are only getting crazier and crazier.  But if you need to get in touch feel free to reach out @DoopLeJoy or via email to janitor[at]joy-toilet[dot]com.

For a complete bug and feature list check out my log on Trello.

Spread the love,

- Doop

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