7:15pm – Downtown Port Pleasant

Who ever said I couldn’t blend into a crowd?   Nomi2

These guys – the green ones – they taste the best by sundown.  Potent with a drink or two at the bar on the avenue.  And they’re all men which keeps the thrill of the hunt alive in me.  Even among the stink and squalor of the city, elevated evermore by what is, to me, the equivalent of a hard-on.  When I lust for the push and pull of struggle beneath the gurgling sound of blood bubbling up between my lips.

I don my hat and tilt toward the overpass after him.  Careful not to misstep where his ears can make out my odd, quickening pace as the crowd presses onward and away from us.  But he’s good, drawing on years of youth spent among the ill-fated and dangerously destitute.  Instinctively aware of danger, and moving faster now.

But it’s too late.  I’d been watching him.  And I know fear.

We’re walking faster, his tie swaying as erratically as I know his eyes are moving. Side to side like his shoulders as he struggles to find an escape route without succumbing to panic, and then he did.

Sprinting along a wall painted wildly, criss-crossing lines and names in bold letters adorn.  His shadow breaking when streaks of the dimming sun drip from above.  And then there was an alley to nowhere.


v2.5c Patch Notes, Hotfixes, Web Series and Bug Bounties

What a life, it’s 5am and I decided it’d be best if I just get on with breakfast after a code marathon that always seems like nothing was accomplished after.  Especially considering how labyrinthine the TxT codebase is at this point.  Last night I decided to forego a few features meant to be present in v2.5c for the sake of, well, v2.5c.

What we have now is another minor patch that took way too long with a series of quicker “hotfixes” in the pipe to get things properly stabilized for the real patches to come.  Any plans I had prior to this concept are scrapped, it’s back to the drawing board.

Above, is a page from a web and eventually print series I stumbled into by mistake. What began as an experiment turned into what could be a good idea and extra perks for early bird backers.  There’s no release date or any details I can share yet but it’s enough of a thing.

The Steam build is back on hiatus until v2.6.  Most of my time lately has been allocated toward net code which is the only way we can turn this into a proper long play by ourselves.  The other bit has been reserved for simply keeping things oiled and generally functional in regard to the business as a whole.  There’s just not enough time in the day right now.

Bugs, they still exist.  And I’ll probably start doing some kind of bug bounty program to really hone in on the issues.  More info on that later, I’ll try and followup this blog with something asap.  But right now, I’m going to sleep.





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