I thought I’d take a quick break to address some concerns people have been having about us only seeking to generate $1000 from our indiegogo campaign. Here’s a quote from the FAQs on our campaign page:

Joy-Toilet is a super small company based in New York where life is already cold and difficult.  Top that off with the crushing expenses of running a game studio and our founders can barely afford to split an Arizona.  In fact, it’s a miracle that we have a computer (non-plural) at all.  As a tech focused company we have to outsource all of our art which puts an even bigger strain on resources!
We’re looking to IndieGoGO for help in easing some of those costs.

We’ve already sank huge swathes of time and a modest amounts of cash  into this project.  Our core team takes nothing off the top, your money goes directly toward financing Triple X Tycoon.  We’ll eat after the game is done.

Here’s what my work day looks like. I wake up, check everything and respond to what needs to get responded to and then some.  Then I go to work, for the rest of the day.  I get back around 8 and pull up Joy-Toilet “stuff” and continue where I left off earlier until about 4 or 5am. Rinse and repeat.  In October last year I started programming Triple X Tycoon, I finished around January.  Since then it’s been optimization and implementation, when there are things to implement.

We started Joy-Toilet in 2012 as a whatever-blog, and as a registered business in 2014 which happened as a result of one of my current founders buying into what at the time was Gnovahex. A company started by me for the purpose of developing game engines and games that would run on low-end  computers.  Since that’s alI had at the time.

Anyway, I started building up our tech for the next thing, whatever that would be.  Gnovahex was on its way out as I grew less interested in building engine tech and more interested in creating something fresh, not particularly a game. My new co-founder had known of Joy-Toilet and proposed that we use an old brand to revitalize and reinvent ourselves.  I carried the old tech over and Joy-Toilet was back.

Immediately we knew we’d have to make a new game under a new brand that looked way better than what we were already doing to make having a business worth the trouble.  We had two ideas, a 3D version of First Paradise or another 2D game that we may still make someday. Two months later, those ideas were still mostly just ideas and then it hit me, and Triple X Tycoon became a thing.

I’ll spare you the whole timeline since then and get to the point. It took me three months to program Triple X Tycoon because we already had engine tech to build on, even when we had to switch APIs (to SDL) it was just that and nothing else.  Everything is written in C, within gEdit because once a Linux guy, always, even in Windows. That’s it, nothing more or less was needed to program the game. The only cost was time.


VHS Juicy

While all this coding was going on I had JBurns and Soup work on our first GDD.  As co-founders and not employees, the cost of this was also nothing but time.  Most of the wariness I find has come from the fact that people seem to think we’re hiring a whole person who has a payroll.  This is not the case.  We have a small collection of reliable contractors who’s work we know we can count on, and we like to pay them for their time when we have the finances to do so.  Right now we don’t but we do know how much it’s going to cost us to finish up, one-thousand dollars. That’s it.

As a gamer myself I understand the frustration and sideways looks that have come about as a result of foo-foo multi-million, multi-thousand dollar campaigns. Sometimes you trust the wrong people and you “get got”, we get it.  But we’re not in the business of fucking people over.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Joy-Toilet is just a couple girls and a few guys trying to make something both fun and funny.  Personally, I’m just making the game I didn’t even know I wanted.

Triple X Tycoon on IndieGoGo

- Doop

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