When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is check the Joy-Toilet Twitter.  Since I usually don’t feel like pulling my laptop from out under the bed I first settle into the clumsy process of pulling it up on my 4+ year-old phone, it’s a purple dinosaur to the people who know me.  Lately it’s been cool to have some support on the social media front, in terms of eyeballs we’re up and doing OK there.  Which is good because we’re coming up on year 1 as a registered company, although the Joy-Toilet website has been around since 2012.  Which was going good until our big “Talk Shit” forum got bot spammed, there are other things to worry about.

Anyway, it’s a matter of having something to show for the time.  When we started Triple X Tycoon in October the scale was much smaller and the graphics, a lot shittier. Now the graphics are a lot better and the scale a lot bigger.  Which is fine, because scaling code is easy when it’s written well enough.  Our First Paradise code base was rushed and written poorly although with some tweaking, it scales too! The game engines are roughly the same with some changes to the UI and a major key handling overhaul.  Which is actually mostly just click handling.

Anyway anyway, I was replying to some questions about the game the other day.  Typically I make a point of covering my bases before wrapping things up (which is why these are so long), but then I found myself revealing a particular scenario that I thought I’d share here for the folks who still seem to think we’re making a sex simulation game, Triple X Tycoon is not a sex simulator.  It’s an adult industry simulator, there’s a big difference. Of course, there’s still sex, of course.

You’re a week away from shooting a film, it’s a feature so you hire photographers to take good pictures. Now you still run your business out of a motel room, the motel owner knows what you do and he charges you a premium. He’s got a soft spot for the ladies, he wants to sit in, maybe cop a feel, he’ll give you a discount on the room this month if you do. For the sake of argument you allow it, well now your local reputation drops since the motel guy now knows what he can get away with, he’ll stop by again soon. By the way it was agency talent you hired, your industry reputation drops.  Not to mention your performer, who got groped, is reeling from the experience.  She starts doing drugs to cope with what happened, and she isn’t quitting because you paid her well and honestly, she’s new, it’s porn and what’s done is done.

Next week your assistant, Hurvey, notifies you that multiple agencies have blacklisted your studio.  He also tells you that the last film sucked, and you’re almost out of money.   You tell him to just grab talent off the street corners, which at night consists of drug addicts and/or prostitutes of some form or another.  It’s likely they have to get tested but you could ignore that fact, just pay them in drugs right? Well the male talent you picked up is already high and the lady is too, in fact they know each other which looks good on camera! Except now you can’t shoot because the guy is so high that his dick won’t jump, you get him the pill and some water.



Naturally, the shoot sucked and you lost money on it.  Money you didn’t have, you’re bankrupt.  Triple X Tycoon is primarily about the human element of the adult industry. It’s just that the business of sex just happens to include, sex.

But What’s with the Goblins?

We added goblins to the game because it’s a game.  Just treat them like humans who have the same rights as the rest of us or you’ll be in trouble.


We’re also crowdfunding to raise money for Triple X Tycoon, in case you haven’t heard us wailing in financial agony.  You can support that campaign (like a boss) HERE.

- Doop

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