So, our campaign is drawing to a close and we couldn’t have asked for a more positive interaction with all of you, the people taking the time out to read this blog and especially the people who gave us their hard-earned cash.  The team is thankful and I’m personally blown away by the reception.  We’ve gained some fans, made some friends and probably some enemies but we’re cool with that, hopefully those in the latter bracket will eventually enjoy what we’ve got coming.

Yesterday I went to the movies with Iris where we had to watch Trainwreck  in the-damn-near-front row because it was so packed, to our moderate surprise.  If you follow Amy Schumer (I don’t) then you know exactly what kind of humor it was filled with.  One of the obvious traits of her character  in the movie was promiscuity, the girl knows what the fuck she wants and how to get it.

In ‘Merica, people tend to want more of what’s presented to them as opposed to, say, following your instincts or something.  It’s worth noting however that in Trainwreck, the character (Amy) was in a sense brainwashed at a young age into thinking “monogamy isn’t realistic”.   Well damn, let’s talk about PORN.

Kissa & Johnny Sins (left), Roc & Shay (right)
You should know that there are porn couples.  It might seem obvious to you, but there are people who don’t know this.  They come in Black, White, Asian and every other color that makes up the human palette.  On top of that, most of them do very well for themselves.  So, Triple X Tycoon, right.  The game will feature a diverse set of power couples and, of course, transgender talent since these things exist in porn.

One of the more expensive and time consuming things in our budget is diversification.  I reckon, this is the case for anyone making games of this nature. To skip over something like that would be a gross ass disservice to the subject matter.  As far as languages go we have taken steps toward localization but there is no estimate as to when we’ll be rolling any of that out, the idea is that we’ll get a game made first.  In terms of overall progress we’re still enjoying our art bottleneck, we hope to be presenting new maps before the Summer is out if not sooner.  In fact, as soon as they’re done.

- Doop


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