The day Doop first mentioned Triple X Tycoon to me, it was a nice sunny mid-summer day with a pleasant breeze and just the perfect amount of shade obscuring the high sun from view. We were in his back yard, where I was laying in a hammock, and him a chair. We were conducting our usual business which contained detailed discussions of games like Dwarf Fortress.

In this discussion I went on about 15 companions who I had assembled to go on a quest to fight something (I wasn’t quite sure what or where it was) but I damn well knew it needed to die for the sake of fame and glory. I was collecting said (15) persons to go on this mighty quest to slay… er.. something, when one of the people ( a dwarf, a human? an elf?) in my party tripped, and fell down the stairs we were on. Down we went, one after another like dominoes set up by a cruel kid who just wanted to watch us fall. As we tumbled downward, arms were breaking left and right, necks were snapping, legs were getting ripped off, flying this way and that, people were being crushed by other people, some were bleeding… it was all quite a terrible mess.  Just like that, the quest for glory had ended in a clash  against the dreadful, menacing beast– known only as… The Staircase.
A couple more conversations came and went, all very stimulating, I’m sure. Then, Doop said something very strange to me.

Doop:”Oh yeah, did I tell you anything about Triple X Tycoon?”
Me: “No, what’s that?”
Doop:”We’re making an adult game.”

(That’s not really what he said, but it’s definitely what I Imagined at the time.)
What he actually said was that we were making an adult industry simulator where players could build and run their own porn empire.

Needless to say, I was feeling quite uncomfortable at this point. the thing about sex is that it can be very awkward at times. The thing about making games about sex is that it can be received as even more-so. When someone thinks about making an adult or sex game, immediately you kind of get a sour taste in your mouth. Adult games are gritty, grimy and all in all just plain dirty. It’s not really the sort of thing you go home to your family, and announce at the dinner table

“Oh! today the company decided to make a porn game, pass me the mashed potatoes, please.”

…no, it’s definitely not something you’d like to tell your mother. But, as Doop kept talking and explained the project more, I figured it was worth a shot, and since no one had made a business strategy game of this sort in the same vein as we we’re planning (at least not in this century), I thought it may be worth it.


As time passed, and the game was in the works, I slowly started to see more of what he was intending to do, and as things became somewhat less awkward I started being able to get more of the feeling of the game. This led to me offering up new ideas, design opinions and generally helping in making more creative decisions, as my role in the company demands. If anything, this game has helped teach me more about where I stand in the company, and what kinds of content I became more inspired to try working with. In gaming it’s always really fun thinking about new concepts, and more ways to make the fans love and appreciate the vibes. Initially I focused on little easter eggs and other subtle things that I think players can appreciate while gaming. In this way I like to think my part is in trying to find and build emotional engagement for players to appreciate, and little ways to spark their curiosity or stimulate their imagination.

While making a game we never know what ideas are going to stick. Our aim is always to make the games that we want to play, and that’s an easy way for us to continue staying motivated, happy, and creative about what it is we want for our games.


For me, It gets very exciting when you come up with a new idea that will really make the game feel like it’s embracing the player and encouraging them to really spend their time playing in a way that’s not always focused on the end goal. To me I guess that translates to my own desire to capture, and really appreciate the truly beautiful moments I’ve had the fortune to experience In my life– I know that not everyone is always able to have moments like these where everything feels just right and I want to do my best to incorporate those feeling into the games that we have the privilege to bring to our fans. With Triple X Tycoon, I definitely feel we accomplished bringing some of those feelings to life in the game.

While we always have to fight the battle of finding the right balance between the amount of time we have available to put the game out, and the amount of money we can spend towards manifesting our dreams, I strongly believe that this time, we have been quite successful in that endeavor. For all the Triple X Tycoon fans reading this, I sincerely hope that this game is just as fun and ridiculous to you  as it has been for me and everyone else involved in making it.

A special thanks goes to our dearly beloved, and vastly talented programmer; whom always helps expanding on all the creative ideas I have– even though a lot of them, I’m sure, gives him headaches when he thinks about how he’s even going to make them work with the engine! And a great big thanks to our brand curator who deals with everything (and everyone) that needs dealing with, when it comes down to it. (Cough!C&JCOUGHBleh!) Excuse me.

- Soup

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