Using the Internet for awhile makes you numb to the rough stuff people post out there. Sometimes just reading “the comments” can be rough.  Sometimes that’s a good thing.  I did PR once, at which point I began noting the types of commentors who so frequently appeared. Like wounded soldiers with plush weapons, these keyboard warriors toiled away at their badly written and seldomly proof-read thoughts until it was just right, before posting it. Those are the context-comments, noble yet futile in getting a point across.

Now trolling is an abstract form of image, video, audio or text fuckery. These are people who keep it 100% despite the fact that they are probably burning bridges, forests and everything else in their wake. This can also be done in a positive way, like when was forwarded to Kanye West’s wikipedia page. That in my eyes was a win for the Internet.  Although nonsense like GamerGate is just two large steps back for man.

Glassdoor gets it, so does Rotten Tomatoes. Striking a good balance is important. It’s a fine and necessary line that I think a lot of people shy away from. Sometimes I read the worst comments for a laugh if nothing else, and you should too. Be mindful, there’s an elite out there. These people are the masterclass, the talent, these people rule Twitter, they get voted and “Liked” way up. These are the context-free commentors. These people can take 140 characters and put the whole 60 minute set by that stand-up comedian you watched last night on Netflix with that corny ass best friend you’ve got but can’t get rid of, to shame.

And so the moral of this story is. There’s some real gold out there. Talking shit goes a long way when getting your point across but I like to believe that sometimes there’s more method than madness in strongly worded opinions. So, if you think you’ve got some shit to say, click here. Better yet, sign up (it’s super quick).  You’d be surprised at what you come up with.

- Doop

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