We all need to go green. I’m not talking about throwing away trash, buying a hybrid or any recycled shit nah, fuck that. The green I’m talking about is a plant. Now, if you should roll it or put it in a wide range of smoking pipes and devices it will get you high. Even if you don’t smoke weed (bud, da loud, dat fire) This is for you too, shit I wrote this because of you guys. To the good people who do smoke please take a sit a light one to this.

Now your old boy J Burn’s had to get out of town for a few days. I had to find a place to chill and shit. So I googled “Chill places to smoke weed, drink beer and get some hoes” and the all and powerful Google told me to take my ass to many places far and wide but with a budget of $547.82 I could’t even go to the 2 star hotel that lets you smoke and B.Y.O.H ( figure it out). So I went to Doop and told him to give my some more money for travelling . He laughed, went into his pocket and took out a roll of 20′s, counted them out and gives me 5 of them. Then he told me to fuck off and make that shit work. So I did, and ended up in the vicinity of a state college in PA with like $500 to spend. I called an old friend of mine and told him I will be in town for work and a few other things. Why pay for a hotel when you have good friend with a sofa? 

I got to my friend’s house at 12 o’clock noon. My phone died and I just barely remembered his street name. Half drunk and really high I started to knock on doors. After knocking on 6 doors I finally got to his crib. My dude opened the door with a bong in hand and says welcome my brother. After smoking like 15 joints and blunts we went to the local thot spot. For those who don’t know what a thot spot is, it’s where the thot’s are, simple. There, we both found two thots ready to S.F.R. (smoking, fuck and repeat.) long story short we had a good night. Even when more than 48,000 people went home for break, It’s an OK place; nice taxi drivers.

Being from New York I’m used to getting in a cab and getting asked one question. Where you going ? But beside’s that, state college is the shit. I need to take a detox and smoke only joints for a week. The point of this long and pot filled journey is that we all need to go green. Relax, smoke and chill. I can’t force anyone to smoke but I can recommend it to you. 

- jBurns

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