Sex is something we always sell, everywhere, but can’t politically-correctly buy in a lot of places.  Unless it’s politically correct to do so, at that point in time.

To maximize sales you have to make it clear that this, whatever that is, is porn(ish).  Without being too obvious.  Or risk being too porny.  You see the issue?

But that’s all after you have something to sell.  Ever wonder what opening a strip club was like?  You want to run a porn studio?  I do.  I’m probably too short to be a stripper, but I would be.

And if I didn’t feel this way about those things I might as well be working at Starbucks.   I could be at a bank countin’ “real” banjamins earned from working a “real” job instead of worrying about running a business.

But everything ain’t for everyone.

The over-arching biz is obviously not all guys with chest hair peeking out of unbuttoned Hawaiian T-shirts slinging smut, we know this.  They wear different kinds of shirts now.  Those guys might be women who can get way freakier than you!

There is still lots I haven’t done, but here’s a short overview of what I have learned over the past four years spent working with, in and around the adult industry.

There’s plenty of room for men.

Being a male performer boils down to basic economics, physique and dick size.  The pay is shit because there’s always going to be another guy lining up to do what you’ll be doing.  And you need to look good on camera.  Can you get it up in a room full of people grilling you for reasons ranging from being late to pick up their kids to needing a smoke break?  That’s a start.

Now bust on command for the outro.  This warm coconut oil is for the cover shot.

Last night I finished Rocco.  The documentary about an Italian pornstar famous for brushing off (very nsfw) human (anal) excrement as something to be prefixed as “only”.  But I digress,  this guy fucks.

 He’s also an extreme of what would be hardcore European porn.  Although some would argue that the European part is beside the point, it’s really not because:

Porn is (Understandably) Bias.  

Like most businesses you have a target audience.  But when you’re talking about the adult industry you’re selling preferences regarding accents, skin tones and one artificial sexual organ or another to customers who know what they want.  So you need to get very fucking specific.

If you wanted to build a site that very correctly indexed every kind of video you could get, on top of a search engine that used neural networks , image mapping and cross-comparison algorithms to fetch those preferences, quickly, it’d be big business.  Anyway.

The Old Guard, Guards.

Any good agent or studio has been in the biz for a long time.  Which is why it is unlikely for them to be persuaded to change the way they’ve been making money since prostitutes walked The Deuce, The Boulevard or wherever else.

When it comes to porn revenues, it’s not the studios holding the lion’s share of those profits. It’s the tech companies, including the elephant in the room.  And to say its name, well.  I’d rather say Voldemort.

You can’t tell a lot of folks in the industry that this is the way things will continue to be.  There used to be a black market for porn-filled PSP memory cards among the boys in my high school.  Hell, people used to travel to an adult store for adult videos.  And now?

Well, historically much of that same progress can be attributed to the proliferation of Internet porn on old school Bulletin Board Systems.  Back then, the market went to whoever could get that topless picture from some server to your monitor the fastest for the least amount of money, preferably free.

VR isn’t the future of porn as it is.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t studios that popped up to grab the opportunity by the balls just in case.  Why aren’t there more?  It’s expensive, it’s complicated, it’s technology.

A Lot Has Changed

Now you can have your hand in your pants with a toy in the other, legally, if you’re female.  As opposed to having to schedule a doctors appointment.  Hooray! A man can have his dick in one hand and the mobile version of XVideos on deck in the other within 60 seconds and a Google search.

Everything is upside down.  Photo galleries made way for tube-sites.  It’s notoriously difficult to find hard numbers, but the industry has seen a massive shift in how much it costs per person to get off.  Where that money goes once, if ever, a person pays.  And how it’s used by the person or company receiving it.   You’re spending more on ads to compete with amateur content now, for starters.

But considering that as a society we are instinctively inclined toward intimacy, the money is not expected to dry up in the near future.  So why aren’t there more large or even publicly-traded adult businesses?

It’s Complicated.

Social media, camsites and a pool of freelancers ready to take jobs to produce websites, graphics and other material for this explosion of independent talent who don’t need to rely on agents or any other traditional gatekeepers are making it harder to predict where the competition is going to come from.

These independent performers end up with not only the option to join the big leagues after establishing themselves on their own, but to also continue expanding and strengthening their brand to maybe even starting their own agencies or studios to compete in the space.

This effectively keeps the ground floor competitive, with plenty of room for innovation at the mid-tier among the business that haven’t grown in years, making it harder for companies at that level to gain too much market share because shit keeps changing. They’re busy competing with every broke Dick, John and Harry with an idea.  While the biggest players get bigger as they control the platforms.

When considering other aspects of the adult industry, like manufacturing sex toys, you’ll have a higher barrier of entry although even manufacturing overseas has gotten much easier than it was, regardless of what’s been going on in this business.

So despite the always-looming chance of rain to disrupt this lollipop meadow topped with naked bodies and expensive cameras wielded by whole college graduates, it is now easier than ever to get into the adult business.  But remember, nobody lasts too long doing the same thing.  And almost everyone is in it for the same money you want.