JBurns has celebrated his birthday.  Now, I know it seems like we are a bit out of control already, I’m not denying that.  But there is some degree of order, sometimes.  I mean, when he passed out at least he wasn’t outside or anything, that’s just indecent. Instead, this man silently attempted to flush his system of toxins via a bottle of Voss water at his kitchen table.  Although in a stupor myself, I recall him telling me that the glassy elegance of the Voss bottle made him feel both attractive and respected. I wouldn’t go that far though.

If Louis Armstrong was a victim of WorldStarHipHop

But wait, there’s more.  I went up to see Iris the week following and was able to actually get some work done around here, have you noticed?  The site doesn’t look like projectile vomit anymore! Instead, now it’s more of a white-royal caramel.  What is “white-royal caramel” you say?  Read all about it.

- Doop

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