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Deciding to Ship It

If life was a game called Outside it would be difficult as hell.  Hell like the level in that context, not the actual place (which doesn’t exist since…


No Seriously, 1k Is Enough (for now) – Making Triple X Tycoon Part 8

I thought I’d take a quick break to address some concerns people have been having about us only seeking to generate $1000 from our indiegogo campaign. Here’s a…


Not a Sex Simulator! – Making Triple X Tycoon Part 7

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is check the Joy-Toilet Twitter.  Since I usually don’t feel like pulling my laptop from out under…


Bitch of Winterfell

Theon, son of Lord Balon and Alannys Greyjoy. For it was not he, but his father who sought to rebel. So the stories tell of Ironborn in frosted…

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Roll Your Own Damn Game Engine

In the 90s, you wrote your game from scratch if you wanted to make one. Although a pain in the ass, doing so allowed you distinguish your underlying…

The Impatient Programmer

There is more than one way to answer a question.  If you’re a person who’s frequently put into a position where you must interact with other humans you…

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