In life everyone wants to know the secrets, the ways to become better than the normal, every day person. People want a quick and easy solution that will help them dominate and take over their world by getting them that promotion, or making them happier, or even better looking and healthier. The simple and plain truth of the matter is that life is much more straightforward than finding a glitch that will help you skip through half the work and gain all the profits.

Repeatedly tapping the ‘A’ button while  smashing the control stick side to side to try to throw your character through a wall and skip through half the temple is tricky, time consuming, and thoroughly pointless.  Especially if you have no idea if there is a usable shortcut there or not. In day-to-day life, people are like this; We look at the clock at work, five minutes later, we do it again, just in case. MAYBE time broke today, and all the work we have to do has finished itself because you found that Easter egg that lets you skip all the work.  Just because you looked at the clock for the 1,683,586.09th time.  Is it possible?

Physics says it is, but so is winning the lottery except the odds are terribly against you on both ends. So no, there are no shortcuts in life to true mastery and success, except for the one. The plain and simple truth which sets you amongst the ranks of those who seem super-human, those who seem godly; That one easy trick is to understand where you’re looking.

And I don’t mean with your eyes!  Where are you looking? While at work, are you focused on the work or the clock? Are you counting the minutes until lunch break? Are you thinking about what party you’re going to this weekend? There’s a time and place for it, if you want to achieve something, anything and be THE best, well then the clock isn’t going to help you.

It’s like playing the game “Cave Story” on hard mode while trying to unlock the secret ending.  It’s not enough that everything in the game except a small yellow, hopping flower obliterates you in one hit. But if you make the smallest mistake in story mode, you’re fucked anyway.

The point is, if things are flying at you from every direction and you think your only hope for not getting killed by a single spike, rose petal, or giant demonic sun shooting balls of death at you is to take note of every mundane detail; You probably won’t make it. Instead, just play the game for the sake of the game. Not to win the game. Not to get a better gun. Not to get the promotion.


Source: Cave Story

It’s hard, not thinking about your well deserved lunch break after staring at the clock’s seductive hands as it gently beckons you.  But monitoring the ticking and tocking only feels useful for so long. You need to play the game for the sake of playing the game. Focus on playing; Love the ungodly music, do the work for the sake of the working. But remember, you can’t run a marathon in a single day so why would you expect anything else to be any different?

- Soup

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