We asked Daria to do this interview awhile back.  Not only did she agree to speak with us but this piece turned out to be one of the most in depth interviews we had done.  We’re not sure if it’s the Italian blood that makes her so charismatic, or her ability to make grown ass men purr. But she definitely stands out in that huge ocean that is the Internet and even more so in her own niche.


Daria, would you care to explain briefly for the people who don’t know who you are, what it is exactly that you do?


I’m a cam girl which basically is an virtual adult entertainer.  It’s live porn via webcams, either I’m teasing and moving around and getting naked, or strictly chatting, or verbally degrading someone or pleasuring myself, or dancing.


Is it something that you always kind of wanted to try out of curiosity? What made you want to be a cam girl?


No, I’ve never been attracted to showing myself on cam, not even for just chatting with friends, before trying it out. I was indifferent, it didn’t appeal me one bit for some reason. Actually, I didn’t even know cam girls existed, like, as a job on its own. Yeah of course I got those LiveJasmine pop-ups and stuff browsing the internet, ahaha, but before realizing that there was actually a market (and a big one too) “cam girls” back then for me were just a myth, or girls getting naked or naughty on Stickam or something, or viruses.


I didn’t think it could be very lucrative. Even when I had my very first camming experience, I didn’t realize entirely what being a cam girl exactly was, all the different possibilities. And like they say, knowledge is power, I opened a fucking good non-evil Pandora’s box by googling. Maybe it sounds like the opposite of what I said at the beginning, but the idea of teasing and showing off myself to strangers (which is one of the many things I love about what I do, still) and getting paid to do it, without leaving the house was very appealing.


Since I was little I’ve been fascinated with strippers, disco dancers, soft core girls on the late night programs. I have always wanted to try it (but somehow never happened in real life). So the money and getting to see stranger’s reactions made me curious enough to plug in and turn on my crappy first webcam.


Plenty of people would agree that LiveJasmin (and I’m not hyper-linking that!) is the Internet’s own annoying insect, up there with audio ads. So you mention a crappy camera, obviously now you’ve stepped your game up a little bit. What kind of equipment have you been using? Would you ever consider hiring a photographer?


I just use a Logitech webcam. Logitech pro 9000 and Logitech c9210 are the best for camming purposes (when you are streaming on a website, but internet connection is important as well. I can’t upgrade my internet cause I can’t have fiber in my building even though I live in the centre of the most expensive city in Italy. It sucks. I can only reach 0.80 upload, unlike many of US cam girls have WAYYY better upload speed. On my main camming site, Streamate, to get top placement you should use Adobe encoder, have a decent cam, at least an i7 computer, use audio, nice ratings. I’m always in the first rows of the first page, and even at the first places (depends on who is online at the same time) anyway.


That’s why I also upgraded my laptop (I don’t like desktops) to an i7 with decent specs strictly for camming reasons. So I just use that Logitech (soon trying the other model too) but for videos would be great to use a DSLR camera, would take longer to encode and compress but the quality would improve a whole lot and I could up my prices super easily, also I would be free to take pictures and videos everywhere. (I don’t even own a digi camera right now!) Although I believe pictures are really important for creating and spreading your personal brand to other networks different from your camsite, especially cause’ you don’t spend your day broadcasting (for sure not me, at least!) I wouldn’t be interested to do some shooting. But that’s only because I don’t like modeling: I’m awkward in front of a camera unless it’s a webcam that I can direct and watch myself, and I’m really really not photogenic. Now that you brought it up I should post and shoot more pictures! Is just a pain in the ass for me to use artificial light, I hate it. I have an issue with lighting I still haven’t solved it out yet. And unless it’s bright and sunny the content will come out not so crystal clear.

Do you think webcam modeling is a branch off of artistic nudity or something else entirely?


Most of the pictures I post are just still life, like personal everyday pictures of what I do on and off cam, or screenshots from videos. They really are spontaneous, they come out better when I’m just messing around and shoot randomly; for sure I have an idea in mind of what I would like the pictures or the set to be like, the theme , the outfit, the mood… I don’t think there’s directly an inspiration for the pictures, instead more in general for my cam persona, but for sure unconsciously my mind absorbs a mix of real life and different sources like internet, people, books, cinema, fashion etc like a sponge just like it does with everything else! I wouldn’t compare the two.


It’s a different concept. It’s interactive and live. Nudity and sex is not the only reason why men would like to interact with a cam girl. And camming can also be non nude, or stripping to naked, still (most) cam girls also provide virtual sex acts.


In terms of fetishes, are there any that you just think are super weird?


I’m not super familiar with all the fetishes out there since I pretty much focus on specific niches only cause is what I enjoy and actually see myself doing and like the aesthetic of it, and understand more of the costumer’s fix; or I know about them cause they are fascinating to me and but not in a weird way.


There are a lot of fetishes that just leave you with a big fat WTF, so way too many to list, so I would just mention my first -and only for now- crushing video (that sold kinda well: went to #2 top downloaded ‘clip of the day’ category in no time) that consisted of squishing a big carton box. I had a blast doing it and loved the result, but I just can’t picture someone masturbating to it.

It takes a special breed of guy to jack-off to anything, really. Do you find an advantage in being young and doing what you do?


I don’t know, human mind is just so fucking complicated. The thing is, the weird fetish or more ‘mainstream’ fetish guys have a really specific taste for what they are lookin’ for. I have a fetish myself (not gonna tell!) which makes me cum faster and easier than, like, masturbating and thinking about someone I really like playing with me, and I’m also very picky on the situation, lighting, aesthetic, type of girl etc ahaha.


I often found myself thinking that I’m in a privileged position: I’m young, considered attractive by the majority, white (yes closeted racists), with a easy selling look (I’m not tanned nor skinny with big boobs nor a bubbly girl though). But just think of supermodels, or those born super rich which also happen to be young and hot and smart at the same time. Even though, in this industry it’s way easier than in real life or other entertainment jobs based (also) on looks: having a novelty body type or look or attitude is considered a pro, not a con, so a moneymaker, actually ironically the porn industry well accepts and encourages different body types more than other business; but obviously being a “typical hottie” is an advantage everywhere, I realized and sure of this since I was 9.


But hustler skills (which I lack and should play up more in my opinion, is just not how my mindset is) are SO important as well. So sometimes I get comments like “tired being at computer?? (when I say I get sleepy being in front of a computer screen for just a couple of hours, which is true, it’s a effective sleep inducer to me, whatever I’m doing) “Cmon! guys on here must be throwing money at you” or “I wish I was a hot girl as well so I can get free drinks and whatever I want with no effort.” “Why don’t you aren’t married to a millionaire?” (Like working a job you enjoy is useless, you know). And I’m not even that hot, for the average tastes I guess. But seriously, I’m not a teen anymore, I’m so carefree towards my body image, usually the others (even my friends) are the ones obsessed/judgemental in a good or “bad” way on how I or other girls look. I’m just thankful for being somewhat successful at what I do and to have a proportioned body, and not a flat ass!


Now correct me if I’m wrong but you went shopping at a grocery store with the front of your shirt cut out revealing your chest, which was painted the same color as the rest of the shirt for camouflage purposes. How the hell did you pull that off? Did you get away with it?


Yes, you saw it just right! It was one of my first custom requests, so I tried it out just to see how it would go, I will never do something like that again! (Maybe flashing and getting groped by some strangers in a park or something though, ahaha).


It was March, so kinda cold here in Italy, me and my friend (the one holding the camera, or better the iPhone, and not so good at it, even if he is a video maker himself) decided to make a “blitz” in a chosen supermarket near my house (so I frequently go there and they know my face) on a Sunday during opening hours. I was wearing a sleeveless denim jacket, that electric blue American Apparel cardi (yeah apparently I’m an unofficial spokeswoman for them at this point) and that cut tshirt.


When we walked around the grocery store I took off the jacket and opened the cardi and walked around the place looking for something to buy (I ended buying a bottle of water and liquid soap or something) but anytime I saw someone getting near me I started giggling and hid my breast nonchalantly with the cardi or turned. There wasn’t that many people around but a decent chunk to get me caught. At the cashier I buttoned my cardi and put my jacket back on. No one apparently noticed anything. I was nervous because I was still kinda sleepy but the requester loved it.

What’s the reason behind the “PurrPurr”? Does it have anything to do with kittens?


Yes I love cats. They are seductive, with killer moves, easily dissatisfied, independent but needy, spoiled, bitchy, lazy, moody, super cute. SO me. /humble mood off/ (Also the only times I ever cried for someone’s death was for my cat I rescued (against my dad’s will) as a baby and successfully cured from a eye desease, Lady D, and a boy I didn’t know who fell on the rails of a train station when was doing graffiti). But actually I was looking for a name for my personal brand and stuff like a month past when I was trying to get into camming and didn’t know that lot back then, so as usual when you need to think about a nickname real fast you end up getting a lame or random one inspired by something you are doing or looking at in that moment.


I was sitting on the living room floor of my mom’s flat in front of my laptop browsing this page http://www.purpurur.tumblr.com on Tumblr, so I mixed up the two. Daria because I like it and it’s silly revenge/in-your-face-like: my dad wanted to call me that (it’s the real and fictional name of the actress in the movie Zabriskie Point by Antonioni) before choosing my actual real name.


If you had to draw a picture of an actual Joy-Toilet, what would it look like? Oh and don’t worry about offending us, it already sounds like some weird asian toy.


A japanese sex toy? haha like Tenga? Nah reminds me of something else. In Italy in the parks we have those chemical toilets called TOY TOY Well there’s a toilet in the name so that was kinda called for, pardon me. So a campy, cheesy cartoonish face toilet vacuuming and voiding out the media, in those 80s, VHS like, tv ads.

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