When Buldinn asked us if he could simulate porn of porn he had actually made in real life, in Triple X Tycoon, we said why not.  When he mentioned that a sheep fursuit would be involved, we obviously had to know more.  The discussion that ensued made us open our eyes a bit more to a niche that is often associated with the fringes of what is considered acceptable by today’s “standards”, whatever those actually are anyway.



So what happened with your website, videos etc?

I only have the one video on Pornhub right now, I was recently attacked by a group of haters of mine, who found a way to hack and remove my porn from various websites. Then had me blocked from those websites somehow and re-uploaded my videos without my permission. Right now the only public video I host can be found on PornHub.

People commission me for porn, they tell me what they want and I give it to them or I’ll do “live shows” on webcam in a fursuit, though the only way to really contact me ATM is Facebook due to these hater groups. I hate to brag but I actually somehow make enough to put bread on the table doing it.

What got you started? When did you decide this was something you could do?

There’s two things I always wanted to do ever since my balls dropped. Serve my nation in combat and be a pornstar. I served with the 1141st Sappers in Salerno, Afghanistan as a 19D Cavalry Scout doing CIED Route Clearance with the US Army. Getting home, I decided to make my second reality…

It’s proving to be more difficult making a name for myself in the porn industry, especially in the small niche of furries, than it was serving in conflict…on different levels. I figured now that I’ve realized one dream it’s time to realize the other.

To be honest, another motivating factor is one of my major kinks, voyeurism or people watching my porn. Simply watching the numbers go up is usually enough to get me very excited.

Is the idea of furries subject to a bunch of sub-genres or is it a more unified niche?

For sure a unified one, though others can fall under it. Such as “neko cat girls” and even bronies or fans of other all animal-related fandoms can be considered “Furries”.

I’d also like to take the time to say furries are not all huge perverts (or FURverts in this case). Many in the fandom would say a majority of us are not in it for the perversion but they’re straight up liars. Though those of us who are into the perverse factors of the fandom are more silent than not, we’re all completely harmless.

Is it generally more common to see male-on-male scenes?

Yea, it’s about 75% gay although sexuality doesn’t mean anything to me when it comes to making porn.

Buldinn Scene

It’s definitely something people hear about but never dare look into. Does the community orbit around broad conventions and meetups? Where do you personally feel you can talk about this without people judging you?

A large amount of us actually meet up and speak on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and even Google+. We usually simply only add other furries…although the two largest furry conventions are here in the US…there are still dozens more on top of those two.

Most furs meet together at Anthrocon every year, the worlds largest furry convention in Pittsburgh.

Have you been to one of those conventions yourself?

I’ve been to Anthrocon three times and Midwest Furfest twice and a local convention called AnthrOhio that is very small. I’ve been a sponsor for Anthrocon the last two years ^_^

Badass! What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen at those?

That’s a hard question, it’s a lot to take in and a lot to experience. There’s custom creations of all kinds to be seen. Things you can’t imagine. Not to mention lots of sexual VERY fucked up things if you know where to look and are willing to find them. Pretty much every single fetish is to be found at a furry convention….and everything innocent you’d be looking for as well if you’re more boring XD

Gotta give the people what they want! So what’s the most exciting scene you’ve ever done?

My favorite was creating a private video, it was the most expensive video I’ve made. I had to hire 5 fursuiters who were in wolf suits to hunt me down in my sheep suit and tie me up and fuck me. I cannot give out any videos though without the commissioners permission, he did pay a lot for it to be just his.

Understandable, but how the hell did you hire 5 people for the gig? Is it like a Craigslist sort of deal or a little more personal?

It’s not a big deal to find actors in my case. I hate to brag but I’m pretty sought after in my community.

Haha pretty sweet deal then. What made you go with the Sheep? How did you take on a preference for that particular representation?

I love predator furs really. I love being prey and soft and cute and fluffy. I want the more fierce furries to see something sweet and cute and innocent and want to ruin it. Plus, the cuter the better for videos! Also, I’m very good at following orders and doing what I’m told…and I trust the government almost completely and blindly like “sheeple” although I hate that phrase.

So being a sheep just fits. It’s my passion to create art, to create porn that is art. I’m tired of the nonsense “guy fucks girl” or “guy fucks guy” or “girl fucks girl”. There’s no plot anymore, there’s nothing that can drive the viewers to be more connected to the actors in the video. It actually kind of depresses me, to think our future in porn can be ruined just because people only want T&A.

I think gonzo films like that are so prevalent because people tend to make themselves a lot busier these days, everything has to be “now”. Have you ever considered doing larger, longer more “feature” quality videos?

I would absolutely love to but due to finances I’m unable until someone specifically commissions me for them. My public videos are short and practically free to make where my private videos are really thought out and expensive.

Ever consider crowdfunding?

I would but would have no idea where to start to be honest. I sometimes feel like I might let down the people who give me the money. I’m much better with direct requests like “I want this done”. If I had the money I’d be doing some groundbreaking stuff that has never been done before I can tell you that. Such as green screen real life vore porn of a dragon swallowing me whole, for example.

I want to cover every single small niche I can even if I’m not into it that much. It goes MUCH further beyond what I want. I want my viewers to be happy and have a unique experience they’ll never find anywhere else.

I’d love to make it in this industry but it’s very difficult. In a few ways, it’s even more difficult than my time in service.  Regardless, I’ll never lose hope!  I have a loving friendbase that enjoys my content and the things I do.  I’ll always be grateful to them no matter how successful or unsuccessful I am.

You mentioned things you might not be into, where do you personally draw the line?

Personally, anything regarding shit or piss in or near my suit. That’s about it. I also don’t like the idea of getting blood on my suit. Anything else, I’m game. I really dont judge those who are into those things but they’re too much of a mess to clean out of a fursuit and I feel that if I did anything like that it would hurt my friendbase. I don’t like to say “fans”.

It is a little flattering the amount of furries who love my porn though, I’ve even had a few “normies” approach me telling me they love my content! I used to have 6 public videos but they’ve all been removed over the years by hater groups and re-posted against my will.

You Only Live Once right? I’ve never heard the term “friendbase”. Why is that a preference?

I hate the idea of having fans TBH. I’d much rather consider them as friends, makes it a lot less formal and makes it sound like I can hang out with them as “equals”.  I really don’t like being held up high on a pedestal.  I’m just lucky enough to have a pornstar moan, dick and body haha!  That doesn’t make me better than anyone else.  I cant wait for your game to come out so I can make porn of my porn in your game!

We can’t wait! Now, before we finish up here I’ve got one more question. If you had to draw a picture of an actual Joy-Toilet, what would it look like?

I’m a shitty artist but it would probably be something that would bring me joy in a toilet, like a mini-fridge inside with a bidet that spouts wine instead of water. A heated leather jewel-encrusted seat but softened…maybe a microwave and a sound system, maybe the toilet changes colors depending on my mood or food that I’ve eaten recently haha!

A toilet with a bunch of cool shit, like a pop-out ottoman and back massager XD

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