At some point in time, between descending from Mars, living in Virginia and producing interstellar beats and now, KVZE evolved.  David Straange manifested, older, wiser.  A man of few words, his music speaks for itself.  Be enlightened.

It seems like there’s a lot of Jazz and early hip-hop influences in your work.  Is a relaxed and occasionally upbeat rhythm something you usually aim for when producing?

Most def, early Hip-Hop is the least diluted form, same with free jazz of the late 60s-70′s so it’s only right..

..Nah, I just don’t like nothing overdone nah mean?

..Snare too loud and you lose dynamics in the melody and vice-versa..

How long have you been making music?

..From way back, I give it a decade, plus..

What’s your setup like these days?  All digital or a little more hands-on/analog?

..I can say, it’s definitely hands on..

What does KVZE mean to you?

..Nostalgic and naive, my inner child, an ode to my older brother, was supposed to be a rap group..

Tell me a little bit about David Straange

..Ah, the old wizard, a lot less naive, and understands the game a lot better..

What’s the craziest shit that’s happened to you in the last 6 months?

..Car Accidents, ménage à trois, watching my Uncle cross over..

If someone said your music was too strange, would you convince them otherwise or let it rock?

..Let it rock, those who need convincing ain’t worth convincing..

Well said.  What are your thoughts on web/content piracy?

..People do what they do, sometimes it gets out of hand sometimes it can helps, with great power great responsibility..

What’s next for you?

..That next high, higher levels of crafting..

If you had to describe a Joy-Toilet as a physical object, what would it look like?

..Hmm, Joy-Toilet, the rabbit hole that flushes you with it and gets deeper and deeper and deeper..


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