Theon, son of Lord Balon and Alannys Greyjoy.
For it was not he, but his father who sought to rebel.
So the stories tell of Ironborn in frosted plate, many men
left dead, compromise met too late. The boy was eight.

And so the subtle price of kin was paid to men not of.
Within the stoned walls of Winter high above, he knew
of no other yet. But within the stark landscape surrounding,
anvil pounding smiths and Lord Brother’s, he was alike
and none other. Except for sometimes.

When met with chore or vagabond thoughts he did not ignore.
His heart implored his mind to remember what he was there for.
Since a time would come he knew, when the wolves he grew with
lie weathered and beaten through and through.
And so it came to be at the cost of identity.

Theon Greyjoy, fuckboy. Defector and snitch. Bitch of Winterfell.
Balls too small to be a Lannister, and certainly no Tyrell.
“Do tell” they say and he speaks. This is Reek.
No sense of honor, no cock, full coward.

But still there is hope for this poor man of the north.
Who’s father is crazy and lives in a fort. His master,
a bastard, a “Snow” with no morals. Could be dead by
tomorrow making Theon the hero he never really was.

- Doop

(Alfie Allen is a great actor)

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