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What I Learned Studying the Adult Industry for 4 Years

Sex is something we always sell, everywhere, but can’t politically-correctly buy in a lot of places.  Unless it’s politically correct to do so, at that point in time….


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 21: Meta

It’s been a while!  Most of you who are new to the blogs might not even have realized this is supposed to be a monthly thing. It was,…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 16: Midcore

In no particular order I settled into the usual rhythm of 4am.  By then I had taken on a preference for Adult Swim bumps to grace my speakers…

Screenshot (61)

Making Triple X Tycoon Part 15: Features Are Fun!

Well, here we are. Triple X Tycoon, apparently THE most controversial business strategy game ever conceived. Although certainly not the most controversial game ever. We like to think…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 12 – It’s Basically the Sequel

A couple weeks ago I posted a new Dev-vlog and realized, after the fact, that we made the game look even more different from the last iteration than we…

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