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Making Triple X Tycoon Part 28: Unpleasant

7:15pm – Downtown Port Pleasant Who ever said I couldn’t blend into a crowd?    These guys – the green ones – they taste the best by sundown. …


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 27: Holidaze

“This is where we dump the bodies!” I shouted, my voice evaporating under the baseline of deep house music reverberating from inside the rusty bay doors of Club LSZ….


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 26: Synopsis

Happy October! I hope you pumpkin-spice fanatics are gettin’ your fixes. Fattening up before Winter comes and forces you into an early hibernation.  That is unless where you…


Deciding to Ship It

If life was a game called Outside it would be difficult as hell.  Hell like the level in that context, not the actual place (which doesn’t exist since…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 16: Midcore

In no particular order I settled into the usual rhythm of 4am.  By then I had taken on a preference for Adult Swim bumps to grace my speakers…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 13 – A Love Story

Spring is a month away(ish)! This time of year is symbolic for us because it was around this time that we first saw the sparkle that would become…

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