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Making Triple X Tycoon Part 28: Unpleasant

7:15pm – Downtown Port Pleasant Who ever said I couldn’t blend into a crowd?    These guys – the green ones – they taste the best by sundown. …


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 27: Holidaze

“This is where we dump the bodies!” I shouted, my voice evaporating under the baseline of deep house music reverberating from inside the rusty bay doors of Club LSZ….


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 26: Synopsis

Happy October! I hope you pumpkin-spice fanatics are gettin’ your fixes. Fattening up before Winter comes and forces you into an early hibernation.  That is unless where you…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 25: Timelapse

The demo(s) are as done as they can be for right now. It all started two days ago. When the first bug popped onto the screen shortly after…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 24: The What

“The Universe Got Jokes” That’s a saying I’ve been using frequently lately, to describe a bout of misfortune.  Which is funny considering that same concept could be used…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 23: Pleasant Heights

4:00 PM – Downtown Port Pleasant The small beige office building was hidden in the shadow of an overpass.  Being on Magic Blvd in the day time is stressful…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 22: Titcoin

Companies react as animals in the wild often do.  Some are slower than others, contemplative, large and lethargic.  Others may be small and nimble but mostly irrelevant to…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 21: Meta

It’s been a while!  Most of you who are new to the blogs might not even have realized this is supposed to be a monthly thing. It was,…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 20: Formats

I’m currently contemplating the merits in having Laserdisc be a supported format in Triple X Tycoon.  I mostly stumbled upon this idea, which is timely considering I was…


Making Triple X Tycoon Part 19: Joy-Toilet

  Before Triple X Tycoon there was a bathroom on the 18th floor of an apartment in the Bronx, New York.  There was  a tasteless imitation-stone carving on the…

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