This time, my journeys take me to a beach paradise somewhere along the equator. Outside my hostel is a boardwalk, and beyond that is the ocean, where spent the day surfing.  My traveling companions and I are preparing for a night of partying, dancing, and drinking. But we’re on a budget, so instead of buying drinks at the local clubs, we got a bottle of liquor and some weed off a local entrepreneur and set about enjoying ourselves over some card-games as the hours passed. After several shots, a few hits on the pipe and some rounds of a card game I didn’t quite understand, there came a knock at the door.

Naturally, when there is a knock at the door at your home the casual thing to do is to stand up from wherever you are sitting, and gracefully walk over to the door.  Maybe you’d open it and greet whoever it is with a nonchalant “No thank you, I’m not interested”. So, when the knock came, and it did, I casually stood up, hopped over my friends at the card table, knocked over a (thankfully) closed bottle of cheep Vodka and answered the door after fumbling with the lock. As I opened it and looked out, I saw the beautiful round moon and brilliantly shining stars above a boardwalk hiding the beach from view. I also Noticed the cute face of the Hostel manager staring at me with an amused look on her face.

It was then, that I could feel the breeze gently licking my torso and legs. This mixed with her amused expression caused me to slowly, and I imagine, very animatedly look down at my feet. Upon doing so I discovered that not only was I in my boxers, but I also had a bag of weed and lighter in my right hand. That was, in addition to the pipe in my left. As I raised my head to look back up to the innkeeper, fully realizing how I looked, all she could do was burst into laughter! I couldn’t help but do the same. Turns out she just wanted to confirm the night we were leaving the hostel, Whoops.

- Soup

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